UCAT Universities: Complete list and Links to Respective Courses

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[updated 05/05/19]

List of all the universities and their respective programmes that require the UCAT. 

Find below list of updated UCAT universities.

United Kingdom
University of Aberdeen A100 – Medicine
A201 – Dentistry
Anglia Ruskin UniversityA100 – Medicine 
Aston UniversityA100 – Medicine 
University of BirminghamA100 – Medicine & Surgery
A101 – Medicine & Surgery (Graduate Entry)
A200 – Dental Surgery
University of BristolA100 – Medicine
A108 – Gateway to Medicine 
A206 – Dentistry
A208 – Gateway to Dentistry
Cardiff University A100 – Medicine 
A104 – Medicine with Preliminary Year
A200 – Dental Surgery
A204 – Dental Surgery with Preliminary Year
University of Dundee A100 – Medicine 
A104 – Gateway to Medcine 
A200 – Dentistry 
A204 – Gateway to Dentistry
University of East Anglia A100 – Medicine 
A104 – Medicine with Foundation Year
Edge Hill UniversityA100 – Medicine 
A110 – Medicine with Foundation Year
University of Edinburgh A100 – Medicine 
University of Exeter A100 – Medicine 
University of Glasgow A100 – Medicine
A200 – Dentistry 
Hull York Medical School A100 – Medicine 
A101 – Gateway to Medicine 
Keele University A100 – Medicine
A104 – Health foundation year with Medicine
Kent and Medway Medical SchoolA100 – Medicine 
King’s College London A100 – Medicine 
A101 – Extended Medicine Programme
A102 – Medicine Graduate Entry
A202 – Dentistry Graduate Entry
A205 – Dentistry
A206 – Enhanced Support Dentistry Programme
University of Leicester A100 – Medicine 
A106 – Medicine Graduate Entry (USA)
A199 – Medicine with Foundation Year
University of LiverpoolA100 – Medicine & Surgery
A200 – Dental Surgery
University of Manchester A104 – Medicine with Foundation Year
A106 – Medicine 
A204 – Dentistry (Pre-Dental Entry)
A206 – Dentistry (first year Entry)
University of Newcastle A100 – Medicine & Surgery
A101 – Medicine & Surgey (Accelerated)
A206 – Dental Surgery
University of Nottingham A100 – Medicine (Nottingham & Derby Pathway)
A10L – Medicine (lincoln Pathway)
A108 – Medicine with Foundation ( N & D Pathway)
A18L – Medicine with Foundation (Lincoln Pathway)
Plymouth University A100 – Medicine & Surgery
A206 – Dental Surgery
Queen Mary University of London A100 – Medicine
A101 – Medicine Graduate Entry
A110 – Medicine (Malta)
A200 -Dentistry
Queen’s University Belfast A100 – Medicine
A200 – Dentistry
University of Sheffield A100 – Medicine 
A101 – Graduate Entry Medicine
A200 – Dentistry
University of Southampton A100 – Medicine
A101 – Graduate Entry Medicine 
A102 – Medicine (wider Access)
University of St Andrews A100 – Medicine 
A990 – Medicine (Canadians Only)
St George’s, University of London A100 – Medicine 
University of SunderlandA100 – Medicine 
University of Warwick A101 – Graduate Entry Medicine 
Australia & New Zealand
 The University of AdelaideMedicine & Surgery
Dental Surgery
Oral Health
 Charles Sturt UniversityDental Science 
 Curtin UniversityMedicine 
 Flinders UniversityClinical Sciences
 Monash UniversityMedicine 
 The University of Newcastle / New EnglandJoint Medical Program
 The University of New South WalesMedicine 
 The University of QueenslandMedicne (provisional Entry)
Dental Science 
 University of Tasmania Medicine 
 The University of Western Australia Medicine 
Dental Medicine 
 Western Sydney UniversityMedicine 
The University of AucklandMedicine 
University of OtagoMedicine 
Dental Surgery
American University of the CaribbeanMedicine MD
Poznan University of Medical SciencesMD  Program in English
UniCamillus – Saint Camillus InternationalMedicine & Surgery
Nursing Sciences
Biomedical Laboratory Techniques
Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging & radiotherapy
St George’s University (Grenada)Doctor of Medicine (MD)
University of Kurdistan HewlêrMedicine and Surgery MBBS

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