Sneak Peak: The New and Expanded UCAT Study Guide (2019 Edition)

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The first edition of the UCAT study guide was first published on May 8th, 2016.

Back then it was called the UKCAT Study Guide, I did my best to cover all of the bases when it debuted, but there were a lot of gaps. Though I included everything that worked for me, I would occasionally get emails from candidates asking for more help and advice – mainly because some of the techniques provided in the book didn’t work for them. It was hard to provide advice beyond the scope of my experience.

Not anymore. Things have changed.

There have been over 120,000 visitors on the blog since then, hundreds of candidates have shared their successes and failures with me via e-mail. For this edition I  reached out  and included tips, strategies and techniques from other top scoring candidates, most of which scored higher than me in the test.

This new version includes over 200 exam strategies, tips and tactics for each subtest, compiled from over a hundred top scoring candidates. A full 30-day study schedule which provides a day-by-day breakdown to help insert urgency and structure your preparation. A proven step-by-step preparation guide to help with spotting weak areas and improving study efficacy. Ideal for UCAT ANZ, UCAT UK and UCAT ITALY.

This doesn’t mean the older edition doesn’t do the job – it does – but rather than just mentioning the tips and techniques that worked for me, I enlist the help of other past candidates.

This new edition is a compendium of proven tips, techniques and strategies from students who have been in the same position as yourself.

I spoke with over a hundred candidates including YouTubers, bloggers, tutors and influencers that have taken and passed the UCAT and this book is essentially a compilation of proven preparation tips and exam strategies all in one place.

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The book publishes on June 2019 for updates on its release join our free UCAT Facebook study group

I hope you love this new edition as much as I do. Best of luck in the exam!

(P.S If you do get the book I would love to hear your feedback)