UCAT Q&A with Esther (@EsteebeeStudies) – Episode 006


We reached out to past candidates that took the UCAT to get their thoughts on the test and give their insight into how to prepare for the exam. Today’s Q&A session is with Esther (@Esteebeestudies on Instagram), she offers advice and insight into how she prepared for the exam to achieve an overall score of 2050.

Esther is a second-year Pharmacy student hoping to get into Graduate medicine. 

What year did you take the UCAT?


What was your overall UCAT score?

2050 (very bad I know)
#tip no 1: prepare well as much as you can it is no joke

What was your strongest subtest?

My strongest subtest was abstract reasoning. It was one of the ones I struggled with most during my preparation.

What was your weakest subtest?

My weakest point was SJT, and the most surprising thing was that it was my strongest point during practice (funny, isn’t it?)

What resources did you use to prepare for the test?

Medic Mind, they are new medical support company that just started, and I also used Medic Portal questions bank to practice.

How did you go about preparing for the UCAT?

I had a few hours of one to one lessons to learn about how to approach the questions then I practised using the medic portal questions bank.

How long did you prepare for the test?

I only had 22 days to prepare for the exam.

From a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being ‘really easy’ and 10 being ‘very hard’ How did you find the UCAT?

5 (it was 50/50 ), this is because I think if I gave myself more time to revise efficiently, it wouldn’t have gone that bad. I know people might look at me as a failure, but I am not because everyone has what they are good at and with my UCAT score I still got an interview and a medical school place at Queens University Belfast.

In hindsight, anything you wish you had done differently during Revision?

I wish I had more time to revise very efficient and not rush to sitting the exam. 

What key advice would you give future candidates taking the exam?

Start as early as you can once you decide that medicine is the career for you. If you are struggling, ask for help from people or better still your school teachers. Use all of the questions available for practice you can get the medic portal ones at affordable prices. As you can practice for as long as you subscribe for. DO not overexert yourself, take a break when you need. You can only do your best and not do more than your best. Never worry about your score after doing the exam. This is why it is always advisable to get the exam done before you submit your application because your UCAT score will help you to decide which university you want to apply to and potentially consider universities that do not pay too much attention to the UCAT such as Queens University Belfast.

Did you enrol on any UCAT course or tuition?

Yes, I enrolled with Medic Mind for a 10hr one to one session on how to approach each question type.

How many interviews did you get for Medicine?

I got 1 interview at Queen University Belfast.

For more specific advice, where can readers reach you?

You can send me a direct message on Instagram @esteebeestudies or email me directly at esteebeestudies@gmail.com.

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