Mean Scores: Latest UCAT Deciles (2019 updated)

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The UCAT exam board uses a statistical approach called deciles to report the overall performance of candidates each year. A decile is any of nine values that divide data into ten equal parts so that each part represents 10% of the candidates in a given testing cycle. This statistical approach is descriptive and gives the exam board a good overview of the overall test performance each year.

According to official UCAT data, at the end of the 2018 testing cycle –  27,466 candidates took the test and the average mean average score was 2485

Average UCAT subtest score 2018

The tables above shows the mean score in each section of the exam. Please note that each section is out of 900. Overall UCAT scores are placed in a decile rank as seen below.

official UCAT Decile 2018

Please note that not all percentiles are observed due to the high frequency of scores. To find your exact percentile for your achieved UCAT score use the official UCAT percentile calculator. Please note that some universities generate their own percentiles based on their own applicants.

For the situational Judgment section, the table below shows the percentage distribution of candidates for each band score last year.

Average STJ band 2018

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