UCAT Conversion Table

ucat conversion table

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As part of the preparation strategy in the UCAT Study Guide attempting the official practice tests to identify your weakest subtest is  a key step. However, the practice tests are not scored out of 900. Use the UCAT conversion table below to calculate your practice score out of 900 in each section.

Please note: The scores are for approximation purposes only. Scores on the UCAT are given in 10 point intervals, so actual scores will vary slightly. This table is designed to bark on the side of caution, so in most cases a similar performance on the UCAT would result in a slightly higher score.

Verbal Reasoning Conversion Table

ucat conversion table VR

Decision Making Conversion Table

In the UCAT Decision Making subtest you will have a total of 29 questions. 20 multiple choice questions  and 9 drag-and-drop questions. When calculating the total score in the DM subtest out of 900. Simply add the corresponding scores.

So 9 incorrect multiple choice questions and 4 partial questions  will be 570 + 40 = 610.

In a scenario where you get say 0 partial questions and got all 9 drag and drop problems correct (5 out of 5) you will add 100 points to your multiple choice score.

DM Conversion table

Quantitative Reasoning Conversion Table

ucat conversion table QR

Abstract Reasoning Conversion table

ucat conversion table AR

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