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The UKCAT book published by ISC Medical is the current Amazon Best seller to prepare for the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). In this article we review the book and give our thoughts.

The United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) has changed to the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). The good news is that the exam content hasn’t changed so old UKCAT books are still relevant to prepare for the exam. I bought the ISC Medical 1250 UKCAT book  to review as its the current Amazon best seller.

get into medicine 1250 ucat book

Book Details

The Get Into Medical School series is published by ISC Medical who are one of UK’s leading coaching companies for entry into UK medical schools.

The book starts off by discussing the UKCAT and how it is marked. The authors then dive into the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Section, they cover the format and purpose of the QR section and provide techniques for passing the section. The authors include about 60 pages worth of practice questions (That is a lot!). The questions provide a good spectrum of difficulties that candidates could expect in the UCAT with detailed explanations for worked solutions.  

After this chapter, the authors cover the Abstract Reasoning (AR) Section in the same format with about 75 pages of AR practice questions. This book in my opinion is arguably the best book to prepare for the Abstract Reasoning section, it really covers every possible question type possible!

The Verbal Reasoning (VR) section is also covered comprehensively with about 69 pages worth of practice questions. The authors include a great spectrum of questions that can be included in the exam.

Finally, the book also looks at the Situational Judgement (SJ) with about 38 pages worth of practice questions and helpful tips and techniques for answering SJ questions.


  • The book contains  over 1250 questions covering the Abstract reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making And Quantitative Reasoning Section.
  • It contains comprehensive, fully explained answers, tips and techniques
  • It also includes a Mock Exam to stimulate the  live exam


  • The questions in some of the sections are a lot harder than what you would actually face in the real exam – particularly the quantitative reasoning and abstract reasoning subtests. However that shouldn’t put you off, it will make you find the actual test a lot easier.


The book leads you through each section of the UCAT and covers each type of question in depth with hundreds of practice questions. Eventhough, for some of the sections the questions are abit harder than what you can expect in the exam I think its a good thing to help find the real test abit easier.


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