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We would like to thank each and every one of you who have personally thanked us for our hard work on the blog, newsletters and study guides. We created it to help students like yourself prepare effectively, and it’s your kind words that inspire us to keep improving and updating it each year.

We decided to place this testimonial page here not only as a thank you to those who have put in their hard work, but also for those of you who have yet to use our resources and may need some inspiration and/or confirmation that it’s worth it.

The following are all real testimonials left by readers:

“Would’ve been lost without it”
Gabriella, Achieved 2560 in the UKCAT

“Really great! It was really helpful having the study guide written by someone who knew exactly what we are going through”
Hannah, Achieved 2570 in the UKCAT

“A good guide with respect to assessing which areas you need to work on the most. Helps you create a structured study plan which otherwise I would not have done”
Jack, Achieved 2830 in the UKCAT

“Brilliant guide”
Sarah, Achieved 2480 in the UKCAT

“It helped me get the strategies all figured out and really got me into the mindset of how important it is to revise and also how important it is to focus on the difficult bits more”
Nabiha, Achieved 2810 in the UKCAT

“The study guide gave a really good basis and ‘plan for action’ for my UKCAT revision and massively helped me achieve a score I couldn’t have dreamt of when I first started practising!”
Sarah, Achieved 2870 in the UKCAT

“Great platform to help further your understanding of the Aptitude test. Helps improve  strategy and focus your practice to allow for the best possible outcome”
Hafsah, Achieved 2720 in the UKCAT

“Really helpful in ensuring that I kept going, particularly with regular emails and hints. Advice is great and I have recommend this to friends”
Caitlin, Achieved 2790 in the UKCAT

“This was helpful in understanding the UKCAT strategically and helped me improve my score a lot”
Monica, Achieved 2540 in the UKCAT

“For those who do not know where to begin with UKCAT revision,like me, this guide is absolutely perfect”
Ishan, Achieved 2900 in the UKCAT

“It is really good in that it helps to prepare for the UKCAT overall. The raw mark converter was really good and the tip you gave about checking the scores you achieved in practice papers  with last year results was really useful. In practice test I would score around 670 in both VR and QR. I realised after checking that my VR score was good but QR needed to be improved. I then focused my time to improving my QR”
Robbie, Achieved 2580 in the UKCAT

“This study guide is definitely different from other UKCAT resources. It is very specific in guiding you on how you should improve based on your individual weaknesses.Practising UKCAT questions along side this guide really helps to narrow down which sections I should focus on at any given time throughout my preparation. It also allows me to be specific in HOW i should improve, rather than aimlessly doing a bunch of questions”
Tiana, Achieved 2870 in the UKCAT

“People who are beginners and want to jump straight to constructive studying, this book is highly recommended. The schedule and recommended book list it provided will save you time groping around in the dark”
Han-Ting, Achieved 2740 in the UKCAT

“Would’ve been lost without it! Really helped structure my preparation”
Gabriella, Achieved 2560 in the UKCAT

“A great resource for anyone taking the UKCAT. Would definitely recommend”
Sajed, Achieved 2680 in the UKCAT

“Very good detail about every section”
Almaas, Achieved 2670 in the UKCAT

“The study guide helped me immensely with preparation techniques and helped me gain more confidence in my abilities as the test approached”
Natacha, Achieved 2850 in the UKCAT

“This was a great resource that definitely  helped me improve my score from previous year. I didnt score as high as I hoped, but definitely did better than expected, given my lack of time to study for the UKCAT around a full-time job and study. If I’d been able to to follow the suggested study schedule more closely. I’m confident I would’ve improved significantly”
Sarah, Achieved 2650 in the UKCAT

“All you need is this guide and some practice questions ? ”
Dana, Achieved 2850 in the UKCAT

“I really liked it and found all the advice really helpful, especially  for the abstract reasoning section. I also liked how it helped me organise my revision andprioritise what to spend the most time on.”
Bethanh, Achieved 3200 in the UKCAT

“This guide helped me to effectively identify my weakest section of the UKCAT and improve upon it. I think this had the biggest positive impact on my total score because it meant that i was no longer aimlessly doing questions but instead targeted focused revision. The excellent addition of a 30 day plan helped me to plan and keep on top of revision test. I implemented the amazing tips found throughout and they worked brilliantly! I could not recommend this eBook enough, without it i wouldn’t have known where to start so thank you for creating such an amazing resource that helped me get the UKCAT score i wanted!”
Serena, Achieved 2710 in the UKCAT

“This guide completely changed how I approached the UKCAT. As a first time taker and not being in school, I found it difficult to find reliable resources to prepare myself for the UKCAT. This guide has changed that and followed it pretty much to the letter ! I would recommend this guide to anyone  but especially if you dont have much help with the UKCAT”
Mason, Achieved 2820 in the UKCAT

“The UKCAT guide is a great way to start expanding your knowledge of what the exam is and what you require to prepare effectively. A lot of people including me did not know much about the UKCAT and the only way to revise and the only way to do well was questions after questions.  This guide not  only helped me figure out how to come about studying for the exam, it also helped me understand techniques to master different sections of the exam. I recommend this book to everyone taking the exam in the future as it helped me gain information that isn’t  found elsewhere in published books and websites. It is evident that Mike put a lot of effort into this guide and making sure it only included information needed. It is concise and I learned so much more from this guide than any other resource I have read”
Sara, Achieved 2780 in the UKCAT

“The strategy laid out in this guide helped me achieve a score in the 9th decile having only achieves one in the 4th decile last year”
Danny, Achieved 2940 in the UKCAT