How to take effective UCAT study notes

If you’ve already picked up our UCAT self-study prep coach book, thank you! If you stumbled upon this article without getting the book first, I highly recommend you grab a copy to get access to the study journal at the beginning of the book. Taking better notes helps with recall and organising information in your head. However, the challenge with making notes for the UCAT is that it is an aptitude test. In order words, it doesn’t test knowledge but rather innate skills. Unfortunately, this makes it more difficult to take notes. Furthermore, on test day you’ll be analysing information you have never seen before. So how should you take [Read More]


Best UCAT Books (2020 updated)

There are a lot of UCAT books out there, thus there is a risk that you may waste money buying outdated books that may not be to the equivalent standard to what you can expect in the exam. As a result, we created this article to help you pick the right one for you. In this article, you’ll learn which UCAT books are most helpful for your preparation, which books you can use to improve your score in the individual subtest, and which books you’ll need to avoid. More importantly, you’ll learn how to use these UCAT prep books for effective studying. I recommend reading the whole guide if you [Read More]


Dissecting the UCAT Decision Making Subtest

The Decision Making subtest is the second section of the UCAT.  It includes 29 questions and is scored out of 900. In this article, we will look at the subtest in more detail. The DM subtest is relatively new compared to the others. It was introduced in 2016 and replaced the Decision Analysis section. Though similar in some ways, the new DM subtest assesses a students ability to make sound decisions and judgements using complex information. What to expect You will be presented with a variety of information, in the form of text, charts, tables, graphs or diagrams and be required to analyse the information to answer the accompanying questions. This [Read More]


What Past Candidates think of the Medify UCAT Course (2020 updated)

The Medify UCAT online course is one of the most popular courses to prepare for the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT – formerly UKCAT). In this article, I reached out to past readers and searched the internet for feedback on how past candidates got on with the Medify course. I also bought the course myself click here to read my full review of Medify. 1. Old Subscribers To start with my research I first reached out to old subscribers of the blog via email, these were students that reached out to me to personally to thank me for creating UCAT Study Guide or dropped me an email to help with [Read More]


Some mental maths tricks for the UCAT (incl. YouTube videos)

One of the main challenges with the QR and DM subtests is timing. Learning a few basic mental maths tricks will save you a ton of time. In this article, we share YouTube videos that provide helpful mental maths tricks for common calculations in the exam. 1. Fast Mental Multiplication Trick 2. Mental Maths Trick For Calculating Fractions 3. Mental Maths Trick for Calculating Percentages 4. Mental Maths trick for Square roots 5. How To Square Number In Your Head For more check out the Tecmath’s YouTube channel. Not sure where to begin UCAT preparation? Take the FREE 30-day UCAT study challenge or read more UCAT articles.


How to save time with the UCAT Calculator (2020 updated)

A simple on-screen calculator will be made available to use in the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) and Decision Making (DM) subtests. I strongly recommend that you practice using it when preparing for both subtests. Percentage: Use this function for calculating percentages Divide: Use this function for the division of one number by the other. Multiply: Use this function for multiplication of two numbers Subtract: Use this function for the subtraction of one number by the other. Add: Use this function to add two numbers together. Equals: Use this button to get a result of a function (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so on). The equals sign is also useful for getting around the [Read More]


Achieved a Low UCAT Score? READ THIS

Let us start by saying that achieving a low UCAT score isn’t the end of the world. It just means you might have fewer options available. Universities with a high cut-off mark are probably out of the question. However, a UCAT score below the cut-off of one school may be good enough for admittance to another. The following are six things I recommend you do if you achieve a low UCAT score: 1. Research all Medical Schools (or Dental Schools) Start by looking into every medical school and picking out the ones that do not rely heavily on the UCAT. These will be schools that use a point-based system, or [Read More]


Complete Guide to Percentages in the UCAT Quantitative Subtest

Percentages can get surprisingly complicated on the UCAT. Part of that is because they are never straightforward. While it’s easy enough to work out 50%  or 10% of a number, it’s rarely so easy to make the conversion on the UCAT, especially when the percentages given are, say, 31% or 18%. To make matters worse, the UCAT won’t just test you on the simple process of finding the percentage of a number. Instead, it’ll present problems in such a way that calculating the percentage is one of the multiple steps to derive your final answer. Scenarios you can expect in the exam include cases where you calculate in reverse, find [Read More]


UCAT Q&A with Magda Nikkii – Episode 007

We reached out to past candidates that took the UCAT to get their thoughts on the test and give their insight into how to prepare for the exam. Today’s Q&A session is with medical student and YouTuber Magda Nikkii, she offers advice and insight into how she prepared for the exam to achieve an overall score of 2950. Magda Nikkii is a 1st-year medical student at the University of Cambridge. She has a vlog on YouTube where she shares her life as a medical student. What year did you take the UCAT? 2017 What was your overall UCAT score? Overall – Overall 2950 (average 737.5) Verbal reasoning – 610 Decision making [Read More]


UCAT Q&A with Esther (@EsteebeeStudies) – Episode 006

We reached out to past candidates that took the UCAT to get their thoughts on the test and give their insight into how to prepare for the exam. Today’s Q&A session is with Esther (@Esteebeestudies on Instagram), she offers advice and insight into how she prepared for the exam to achieve an overall score of 2050. Esther is a second-year Pharmacy student hoping to get into Graduate medicine.  What year did you take the UCAT? 2018 What was your overall UCAT score? 2050 (very bad I know)#tip no 1: prepare well as much as you can it is no joke What was your strongest subtest? My strongest subtest was abstract [Read More]