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200 Medical School Interview Questions

This article is from ISC Medical, there are a leading medical school consulting company and publishers of the popular Medical School Interviews book. It has over 150 medical school interview questions analysed with comprehensive information on how to deal with each one.  The article is a comprehensive list of medical school interview questions, the authors have categorised the questions into the following: Background & Motivation Knowledge of Medical School and teaching meth0ds Depth & Breadth of Interest Empathy teamwork personal insight Understanding of the role of medicine in society Work Experience Tolerance of ambiguity & Ethics Creativity, innovation and imagination ISC Medical Article Begins… Interviewers are constantly coming up with new [Read More]

50 questions to ask during medical school interview
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50 Smart Questions To Ask During Your Medical School Interview

Medical school interviews are a great opportunity to learn, so don’t be shy about asking questions. In fact it is a bad sign to interviewers if you do not have any questions, so make sure you have some questions for your big day. In March 2012, I had my first medical school interview, it was at Queen Mary, University of London. I had taken a gap year after my A levels to reapply to medical school. I remember i was so nervous and wanted the interview to be over, one of the tutors on the interview panel asked if I had any questions at the end.  I said, “Ummm… nope.” [Read More]

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10 Key Topics You Need To Know For Your Medical School Interview

Medical schools are very different – in their philosophies, faculties, curricula, and the type of students they attract. However, they all expect applicants to have a good enough background knowledge on health and medical related topics and issues. The following topics was compiled by medical students to assist you in preparing for your interview. This list is by no means complete; it is designed to serve as a base for developing your background knowledge and preparing for your medical school interview. 1. The Birth And History of Medicine It is important to understand where medicine stems from and how it has developed over the years. Understand and develop your own [Read More]