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Convert raw marks with these BMAT score conversion tables (incl. Section 3)

Use the BMAT score conversion tables below to convert raw past paper marks in all three sections.  The BMAT score conversion tables below for section 1 and 2 are based on the official conversion table document and should be used to convert your raw marks in both sections.  The section 3 conversion table on the other hand is based on the official marking criteria and the scoring system used in our free BMAT essay marking guide. Please note that our scoring system is NOT endorsed by the official BMAT exam. However, we have designed all three to bark on the side of caution, so that in most cases, a similar [Read More]

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How to mark and review your BMAT Essay during practice

Section 3 assesses your ability to communicate effectively in writing and how you organise your ideas, and present them. In this article, we will look at how to mark and review a BMAT essay. You are required to write a short (one A4 page) essay in 30 minutes. You can choose to answer any one of the three questions, which are on a general, scientific or medical theme. Select the question that most interests you, and for which you feel you can write the best answer. Do not feel obliged to answer the medical question just because you are applying for Medicine. The questions always have the same format: a [Read More]

BMAT Guides

Advice From High Scoring Candidates that took the BMAT 2017

In this article, I share top tips and advice from some of the candidates that took the BMAT 2017.  We had the pleasure of speaking to 33 students that took the BMAT 2017. Their average score in section 1 and 2 were 6 and 6.5, respectively, and the lowest essay score was 4C. These were past readers of the blog and students that I reached out to on The Student Room that was giving valuable advice. During my research, I made sure the contributors fulfilled a particular set of criteria’s that were important to establish credibility: A Good BMAT score (6+ in Section 1 and 2, at least 4C in Section 3) [Read More]