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The ultimate GAMSAT toolkit to help you study and work effectively.

How many of these situations sound familiar to you?...

  • Practising loads of GAMSAT questions and not seeing any improvement.
  • Forgetting tips or techniques you learned at the initial stages of revision.
  • Poor organisation and consolidation of materials used to prepare for the GAMSAT.

These are some of the most common issues students face when preparing for the GAMSAT! We created this GAMSAT worksheet to allow you employ reflective learning and an evidence-based approach to combat these issues and improve your performance in the exam.

Reflective Learning and the GAMSAT

The preparation cycle for a typical student looks something like the diagram below where they practice questions after questions without really spotting patterns in their performance.

There is nothing wrong with this approach but to really make the most of your preparation we recommend adopting an evidence-based approach where at every stage, through reflection, you can challenge your assumptions, ask new questions, make sense of your experience and process what you've learned into deeper memory. See an example below:

This approach is a proven technique to improve performance in the exam. We made the process easier by creating this worksheet.

How the Worksheet Works

The GAMSAT worksheet is a highly advanced excel spreadsheet that includes many built-in formulas and features that have been tried-and-tested by hundreds to candidates to date.

We have made it simple and straightforward.

The spreadsheet lets you record and track your GAMSAT practice. This is extremely valuable to assess your performance effectively, you can challenge your assumptions, ask new questions, make sense of results and process what you've learned into deeper memory.

The key features of the worksheet includes:

Study Planner

Set study goals, plan studying sessions and monitor time spent preparing for each section of the exam.

Study Journal

Compile study notes for each section of the GAMSAT.

Questions Log for Each GAMSAT Section

Draw pattens from questions attempted during practice.

Additional Features

Trackers and Charts

See your progress with the built-in trackers and statistical insight to make better use of your time.

Practice test Log

Draw patterns from performance in practice test under exam conditions. Monitor and track performance during timed GAMSAT practice and mini-mocks.


Quick and easy to follow demo on how to use worksheet.

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