5 free ways to prepare for the UCAT in your spare time


You do not have to wait until your exam is around the corner before you start preparing for the UCAT. There are some things you can do in your spare time to prepare for the UCAT and improve the reasoning skills needed for the exam.

In this article I’ll share some of the best ways to prepare for the UCAT that take no longer than 5 -10 minutes. You can do this in your spare time and improve the skills needed in the exam. 

#1. Official UCAT Mobile App

This is a very helpful app to prepare for the UCAT. I recommend adjusting the settings so that you are prompted to attempt one question a day. You can choose to pick a specific subtest or a random section. I recommend downloading the app straightway! You can start preparing for the UCAT months ahead.

#2. Brain Training Apps

I recommend downloading cognitive apps such as Elevate or Luminosity to help improve speed reading and your cognitive skills. These apps have free versions that will help boost memory, mental maths, vocabulary and comprehensive skills.  Do daily exercises which usually last 5 minutes to complete. 

#3. Read Newspaper articles and Summarise them from memory

Start reading articles more regularly, I recommend summarising articles once you’ve read them to improve recall and retention, which are useful for the UCAT. 

#4. YouTube Videos

It is worth having a look at Youtube videos by previous applicants, offering helpful tips, reviews and more on preparing for the UKCAT. You could watch one video per week to get more insight into preparing for the exam, learn from their experience and prepare more effectively for the exam.

#5. Read Articles from Blogs

Not to toot our own horn, but toot. We provide comprehensive and detailed advice on how to prepare for the UCAT. From preparation tactics to exam strategies to adopt on test day, the MEDIC BLOG has you covered. Search our UCAT blog for more exam advice.

How to Use these Resources  in Your Own Revision

While the above resources won’t replace the majority of your regular, unglamorous studying, they can supplement it in a few key ways.

#1: To Target Specific Skills/Concepts

They can be helpful in targeting specific skills or concepts that you have trouble with. If type 2 questions in the abstract reasoning session, try reading an article or watching a YouTube video to learn or reinforce a strategy to help improve error rate.

#2: Keep Material Fresh Between Study Sessions

A quick UCAT mobile app session can be a good way to keep things fresh between dedicated preparation sessions.  A few questions on official UCAT will help keep your “problem-solving brain” fresh when you go a day or two without any serious prep time.

#3: As Warm-ups, Breaks, and Rewards

These are also a great way to warm up your brain at the beginning of a study session, and a good way to re-energize yourself during a quick break. Watching a YouTube video on the UCAT from an influencer you like for a few minutes before you take a practice test will help turn on your brain and get the gears moving before the main event.

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