Most Recommended Online UCAT Courses in 2019

online ucat courses

The UCAT is a computer-based exam so online UCAT courses that provide practice tests are a must-have in preparing for the exam. After reviewing 12 of the highest rated practice tests, I’ve shortlisted my final picks to prepare for the UKCAT 2019.

medify ukcat logo

The Medify UKCAT Online course is my pick for the year to attempt UKCAT practice tests, it includes over 4000 UKCAT practice questions, video tutorials, 7 full mocks, in-depth explanations and helpful performance tracking metrics to assess progress. I was particularly impressed with the interface of the course as it mimics closely to the real test, making it a great tool for attempting practise tests. The authors also include mini-mocks for  each section of the UKCAT for a more targeted preparation. 


  • Over 10,239+ practice questions
  • In-depth explanations and analysis
  • Free demo (Click here to access)
  • Performance Tracking
  • Great interface that mimics the testing environment
  • 8 Full Mocks and 18 mini-mocks
  • Mini-mocks for each section
  • Very Flexible pricing packages – From 1 week (£30) to 12 months (£95)
  • They also offer extensions on their course, might come in handy if you reschedule your UCAT.
  • It is UKCATSEN Supported


  • Video tutorials could be more in-depth
  • Not as many Decision Making questions compared to the other sections
  • Would have loved to see more lessons on the Situational Judgement section.

kaplan ukcat course review

The Kaplan self-study UKCAT Online Course  is another great self-study course for UKCAT practice tests. The course offers extensive preparation material covering a free live channel for extra UKCAT lessons from Kaplan experts, 10-hr video lessons covering all sections of the exam, 6 full-length practice tests and more.


  • Thousands of practice questions including 6 practice tests.
  • 10hrs worth of video lessons
  • Focused quizzes for targeted preparation & “Mastery questions” to work on understanding of each subtest
  • New UKCAT Channel – extra UKCAT prep streamed whenever you want
  • Great preparation content on the Decision Making subtest
  • 2 months access to course
  • Extensions are available if you would like additional access.
  • Personalised reports to assess progress over time
  • ‘Prep till your ready’ guarantee – which means if you do not feel ready after completion of course you can opt-in again for FREE.


  • 2 month is the minimum duration of the course if you are looking for a short course. so wont be ideal if your test is in 2 – 4 weeks.

medic portal ukcat course

The Medic Portal UKCAT Online Course is another good online course for attempting UKCAT practice tests,  the course includes 7 hours of video lessons split into bite-size modules that cover in-depth strategies and exam techniques for each section of the UKCAT. Have a look at a sample tutorial from one of their abstract reasoning lessons. The course is heavily focused on exam techniques such as time saving techniques and pattern finding strategies.


  • Thousands of UKCAT Practice questions for each section of the UKCAT
  • Free demo (Click here to access)
  • Video Lessons for each section
  • Great interface that mimics the testing environment
  • 2 fully timed mocks
  • Performance tracked over time
  • UKCATSEN supported


  • Not much flexibility in pricing, only 4 weeks and 6 weeks
  • No extension package if you decide to re-schedule test.

Online UKCAT courses are a great way mimic the testing environment and put exam strategies to practice.