What Past Candidates think of the Medify UCAT Course (2020 updated)


The Medify UCAT online course is one of the most popular courses to prepare for the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT – formerly UKCAT). In this article, I reached out to past readers and searched the internet for feedback on how past candidates got on with the Medify course. I also bought the course myself click here to read my full review of Medify.

1. Old Subscribers

To start with my research I first reached out to old subscribers of the blog via email, these were students that reached out to me to personally to thank me for creating UCAT Study Guide or dropped me an email to help with a specific issue they had. I sent a total of 149 emails, and only 23 students replied. In the email I wrote the following:


Hope you are well.

I’m working on a new review article on Medify. I’m keen to know if you used it to prepare for the UKCAT. If so, what were your thoughts? I’m keen to know the pros and cons.

Look forward to your reply.


The replies were 100% positive. However, there were a couple conflicting opinions on the course with regards to the level of difficulty and similarity to the real test.

One candidate responded:

Hi Michael,

Yes, I did subscribe to Medify ? Overall, I thought it was very helpful. The tutorials were really good and I would say that the course was 100% worth it. However, I did think their QR and DM questions were slightly more difficult than the real test in my opinion.


Another candidate replied:

Hey Mike,

Yes, I did, I think your study guide supplements the course really well by the way. I got the Medify course because of the volume of questions, I personally had no issues and thought all the questions were reflective of the exam.


Out of all the 23  students that replied 12 of them bought the Medify UCAT course and they all strongly recommend buying it to prepare for the exam. The other 11 either used a different course or none at all.

Medify UCAT free questions

2. Forums

The next part of my research I had a look at popular forums such as Reddit and The Student Room to get a wider gist on the Medify UKCAT course. Overall, the gist about the Medify UKCAT course on Reddit was also positive, you can read the most popular threads I found below (click to read the full thread):

If you bought a medify UKCAT subscription, how well were you scoring on the practice? from r/premeduk

Medify mock vs real thing? from r/6thForm

UKCAT (Mega)Thread from r/6thForm

I didn’t just stop there. I also checked on The Student Room and found similar responses. I read so many different threads on TSR that I lost count, any thread that mentions Medify I read it ( I don’t recommend doing this unless you have 3 hours to spare lol ). Find below links to the most insightful threads (Click the link to view them):

  1. UKCAT Medify Worth the Money?
  2. Medify UKCAT
  3. UKCAT: Medify, worth subscribing or Nah?
  4. UKCAT Medify

Everyone that bought the course recommends buying it. However, there were still different opinions on the difficulty and similarity of the questions.

One user posted:


Another user agrees and responds with:


Another user in a different thread mentions:

Based on the countless number of threads I read,  there is no doubt in my mind Medify is a good UKCAT course despite the different opinions on the difficulty of their questions.  I got the sense that even though that some students admit it was harder in some parts it was a good thing because they found the real test easier and were able to further improve their timing and exam techniques.

3. Social Media

The last part of my research leads me to social media inputting hashtags like #medify and #ukcat on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.  I read countless posts and tweets that dated as far back as 2016. There were students mostly with positive responses to the course, with many reaching out to thank the company. Find some of the most recent tweets:


There is no doubt the Medify UKCAT online course is worth it. If you need more convincing check out my Medify review I bought the course and shared my experience. It includes screenshots and a breakdown of its usability and more. For more information visit on the Medify UCAT course, visit their website.

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