How To Get The Most Out Of The Medify UCAT Course (2020 updated)


The Medify UCAT online course is one of the most popular online resources to prepare for the UCAT. In this article, I share my top THREE tips on how to get the most out of the Medify UCAT course.

Currently, the Medify UCAT course is used by 1-in-3 candidates to prepare for the exam, with thousands of past candidates recommending it on forums, social media and blogs to prepare for the exam. I bought it myself (read my review), and in this article, I share my top THREE tips for getting the most out of it.

Medify UCAT free questions

Tip #1: Make Effective Study Notes

Medify includes examples, explanations, tips and techniques in the form of tutorials. These are videos that explain each subtest with detailed advice on dealing with them. I highly recommend making notes when watching the tutorials and during the use of the course.

Unlike the BMAT or GAMSAT, the UCAT doesn’t contain any curriculum content. Instead, your cognitive and reasoning abilities are being tested – this makes it more difficult to make notes.

As a minimum, I suggest keeping a log of missed questions and ensuring that during practice, you review not just the question-types but also the type of skill and reasoning required for each question.

When it comes to making notes, I recommend splitting your notepad into five sections, one for each question-type.  Then for each question-type keep a record of the following:

  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Time-saving tips
  • Rules (or reminders)

Do’s and Don’ts: These are a summary of the lessons you have learned from practising questions. Do’s will consist of tips and strategies that work. Don’ts will consist of tips that didn’t work or lead to mistakes. For example, under Do’s – for ‘select the strongest argument’ questions, choose the statement that covers all parts of the passage.

Time-saving tips: These are tips to help you save time answering each question-type. For example, when guessing inference questions eliminate vague options. 

Rules: These are notes-to-self reminders for each question-type. It can be on anything that comes out from practising questions or reading UCAT materials. For example, can’t Tell means you cannot be sure whether a statement is true or false.

Tip #2: Always strive to arrive at the correct reasoning on your own

It can be tempting to immediately view the answers to questions you get wrong on Medify. I strongly advise against this, as it robs you the opportunity to learn and come to correct reasoning on your own. Instead, I recommend giving wrong responses another go before checking the answers. Get into the habit of doing this when reviewing Medify practice as it forces you the challenge yourself and reason through difficult problems.

Tip #3: Use Medify Reports to Work Smarter

medify ucat course dashboard

There is no other better way to assess your progress than reviewing the reports provided by Medify. The course includes helpful reports, and they are as follows:

1. Performance Overview


This report breaks down your performance into the various topics within each section. The goal is to identify your strengths and weaknesses accurately. Use the data provided in this report to validate the items in your Do’s and Don’ts note. Plus, you can identify weak areas to work on.

2. Score Distribution


This report compares your latest mock test results to the overall Medify candidate pool. Use this report to see where you stand against the competition. It gives some indication of your percentile ranking.

Things to spot for when viewing reports:

  • What areas are below average?
  • What areas are above average?
  • What is my weakest subtest?
  • What is my strongest subtest?
  • What are my weakest areas in each subtest?
  • What are my strongest areas in each section?

Along with mock test results I recommend using the reports to audit and refine your notes. This will put in you a far better position to succeed on test day.

Now that you have a few pointers, get practising with the Medify UCAT Course, and keep these tips in mind.

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