Is the Medify BMAT course worth it? (2021 updated)



We were granted access to the Medify BMAT course, and in this article, I’ll be deep-diving into it to give detailed insight into its key features, usability, pros and cons.

Who are Medify?

For those that do not know Medify is an online medical school admissions company that provides arguably the best UCAT course on the market (read our review). Their online BMAT course is no exception; it is an excellent self-study option as it teaches BMAT content and provides over a thousand practice questions (see full features).

Key features of the Medify BMAT course

The Medify BMAT course has four key features that make it an excellent resource to prepare for the exam. They are as follows:

1.  Tutorials

Medify provides tutorials that teach the content of the exam. Students can explore the BMAT syllabus in bite-sized, easily digestible chunks. The tutorials do a great job at breaking down section 1 and 2 and includes worked examples throughout. For example,  for section 1 problem-solving questions, the tutorials include detailed guidance on the different types of problems that come up and include examples for you to deepen your knowledge. Additionally, students can find strategies and advice for section 3. Medify provides detailed essay plans for every section 3 past paper since 2003.

Medify BMAT tutorials

2. Practice Questions

The course offers over 1300+ practice questions for section 1 and 2. They’ve done a good job at breaking the questions down according to the question-types to encourage students to do targeted practice. You can pinpoint weak areas and test understanding with this feature. Overall, the practice questions accurately replicate the breadth and depth of the different types of questions that can be asked in the exam as well as the spectrum of difficulties that can be expected (from easy to time-consuming), which makes it a great feature. 

Medify BMAT practice

Unfortunately, there isn’t any section 3 practise. But to be honest, there isn’t  a need for it because there is more than enough official past papers to practice from plus the course provide comprehensive essay plans to review.  For more on how to go about using Medify for BMAT study, check out our free 30-day BMAT challenge ebook.

3. Past papers

Medify provides automated marking and full solutions for BMAT past papers. Students can attempt past papers in a simple cool user interface, and get their paper marked automatically with that year’s scoring. The feature breaks down each paper into sections so that it is easier to navigate. Students have the option to download and print out the past paper PDF. I recommend working through the papers online as the BMAT November will be taken on a computer rather than with pen and paper.

Medify BMAT past papers

4. Checklist

The new checklist feature offers an engaging way to keep track of your revision. It is split into key tasks and includes a progress bar. Its a nice feature and gives structure to BMAT study.


  • Includes tutorials that deepen knowledge with worked examples. 
  • The tutorials breakdown the specification really well and provide very detailed content.
  • Includes essay plans for section 3 past papers.
  • Includes over 1300+ BMAT practice questions for section 1 and 2 to test understanding. 
  • You can spot weak areas with their performance reports. 
  • Includes automated marking and full solutions for the BMAT past papers. 
  • New BMAT checklist feature to track revision.
  • Great user interface and navigation, especially when working through the past papers.


  • I would have loved to see videos included in the tutorials. 
  • No timing feature included when attempting past papers timed. You will have to set a timer on your phone for each section.
  • I would have loved to have pdf access to section 3 past papers.


The Medify BMAT subscription is £40. You can find more details on its key features and pricing here.


Overall, I give the Medify BMAT course an 8 out of 10. In my opinion, it’s the best self-study option for BMAT revision. Plus, it’s cheaper and more affordable than other BMAT courses.

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Great review. Thanks 😊