Three Books for Writing a Successful Medical School Personal Statement

medical school personal statement

Try reading books that will guide you through the process of writing a successful medical school personal statement, and help strengthen your narrative skills.

We spoke with some medical students and the following were the MOST recommended books to improve your medical school personal statement.

1. Get into Medical School – Write the perfect personal Statement by Olivier Picard 

This book dives into what universities are really looking for and guides you through the process of writing. It includes hundreds of real life and successful personal statement examples to help describe effective writing techniques. You will learn how to plan and prepare to write your personal statement and how to develop a structure and content to maximise impact within the strict character limit allowed.

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2. The Ultimate Medical Personal Statement Guide by Rohan Agarwal and David Salt

This book contains detailed expert advice for every stage of the writing process; from starting the opening sentence to making the finishing touches. It also includes 100 Successful medical school personal statements so you can see what the admissions tutors at your university like (and don’t like!).

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3. This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries of a junior Doctor by Adam Kay

This narrative of this book is amazing! Pay attention to how the author explains his experience, you could adopt some of his techniques in your personal statement. It is a great read also! After six years working on NHS hospital wards Adam Kay, turned his medical diaries, covering everything from bouncing babies to phantom illnesses, into a hilarious new book titled This is going to hurt. The book is a fun read and provides everything you want to know and more  about life on and off the hospital ward. 

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What books would you recommend for writing a successful personal statement for medical school? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.