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At the MEDIC BLOG, we take great pride in creating the first ever virtual GAMSAT tutor in the form of the GAMSAT prep challenge, an affordable email course designed to act as both a study schedule and virtual tutor.

Our GAMSAT challenge is designed to structure preparation and includes over a hundred exam tips and strategies from past candidates that took and scored highly in the test. However, you may still want to hire a GAMSAT tutor where you get one-on-one teaching tailored to you to give maximum improvement. 

The following are key factors to consider when picking a GAMSAT tutor, they are as follows:

#1. Teaching Method

The principles and methods used by tutors to enable learning is important. These strategies should be determined partly by you. Which teaching method works best for you? For example, some might offer weekly exercises to challenge you or others might kick off with a mock then break it down over a month to teach you core techniques for the exam. So make to fully understand the method of teaching.

#2. Preparation Guidance 

How closely will the tutor guide your preparation? The structure of each session plays an influence on this, most tutors encourage independent work acting to consolidate and enhance your skills. By suggesting reading materials, setting exercises and key areas to improve on, to ensure you get the most return out of your independent time investment as well as the sessions.

#3. Additional Support

There are companies that offer GAMSAT Tuition, in additional to selecting one of their tutors you get access to additional resources such as online lectures, books and practice questions to consolidate your skills.

#4. Third Party Reviews & Testimonials

GAMSAT tuition is expensive, so be sure to check past reviews and testimonials from past students. Get recommendations or see feedback on third party sites.

#5. Flexibility

You might have other commitments that may restrict your availability, so create a schedule beforehand and make sure it is fine with your potential tutor.

Hope you found that helpful! For more GAMSAT tips check out the rest of the blog. Also, visit our GAMSAT store for free and premium resources to prepare for the exam.

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