GAMSAT Study Guide – Is it worth it?

gamsat study guide worth it

Please note: GAMSAT Study Guide will be available Summer 2019

I achieved an overall of 70 in the exam and in this article I’ll be sharing why I created the GAMSAT study guide and what to expect from it.

I remember when I took the GAMSAT I had no clue where to start preparing, I spent countless hours searching the internet for advice on the best GAMSAT preparation materials and GAMSAT-specific tips for each section.  Even though I did find some helpful tips a lot of it were contradicting and shallow.

It was a tedious process.

This common issue inspired me to create this guide, I want to save future medics from the hassle of reading countless hours of unproven, shallow and  irrelevant  resources.

Rather, this guide is designed to kick start you into constructive studying, and provides hundreds of tips and strategies from 100+ high scoring candidates that took the exam, many of which are tutors, doctors and medical students that provide valuable GAMSAT advice either through forums, blogs or tutoring.

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The Research

Took 24 months

Spoke with 135 Successful Candidates

Provided proof of their results

Minimum of 70 average score

The GAMSAT study guide is a compendium of tips, techniques and strategies from other high scoring candidates. Rather than just mentioning the tips and techniques that worked for me, I enlist the help of other medics and experts to share their advice. I started writing this guide around the same time I wrote the UKCAT Study Guide but as you can imagine, getting responses took a lot of time and once I did get a response, there was a lot of back and forth over emails. Quickly noticing the waste in time, I proposed Skype conversations, in which many of the contributors were happy to do. Without realising it, I was pretty much conducting interviews! and it is the discussions from these ‘meetings’ that moulded this study guide.

The contributors are successful candidates that have taken the GAMSAT recently and aced it! I speak with a diverse range of people from past candidates who have scored in the top 10% to others who have taken the exam more than once before significantly improving their score. Their lessons and tactics are all shared in this guide.

In the book you’ll naturally look for common tips and techniques recommended by contributors, which is good. Before writing this book, I made sure the contributors fulfilled a certain set of criterias that were important to establish credibility, they include:

    • At least an total score of 70 in the exam (higher than my GAMSAT score)
      • Successful at getting into to their aspired field of study
      • Provided proof of their results
    • Took the GAMSAT within the last 5 years

What to Expect

Detailed 12-Week Study Schedule

Step-by-Step Study plan

200+ Exam Strategies and techniques 

Advanced Strategies for Section I and III

Advanced Essay writing Strategies

Use in conjunction with GAMSAT questions

I was particularly surprised by how similar the study plan for many of the candidates were similar to mine. Although, many admitting they didn’t think too much about it, however were instinctively following one. In this guide I share with you step-by-step the preparation plan of 98% of the top scoring candidates in this book.

I’ve made the study plan easy to follow by including a 12-week study schedule. It is a weekly breakdown of exercises to help structure your preparation without putting too much pressure on yourself. 

I’ve done my best to keep this book straight to the point. I don’t waste time on regurgitating anything you can find on the official ACER website. I’ll leave researching all the basics about the exam in your capable hands.

Rather, the goal of this book is improve your study efficacy and provide you with practical strategies so that you are consistently improving your performance.

All you need is this guide and some GAMSAT questions.

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Last but Not Least

GAMSAT Facebook Study Group

Top 100 of the Most Recommended GAMSAT Reading Materials

Exclusive Content from The Medic Blog

Last but not the least, I have provided access to additional resources to help take your preparation to the next level, they include:

Private GAMSAT Study Group: Join our new Facebook study group and learn from other students taking the exam in the same year. Share advice and learn from one another as you prepare for the exam.

Top 100 Recommended Readings: During my conversations with past candidates I asked which resources they found most helpful. I’ve provided a list of the most recommended reading materials for the GAMSAT.

Exclusive Content: The guide is sprinkled with links to exclusive content from the medic blog. These are articles from the blog that supplement the contents of the guide.

This book is the exact approach used by many of the high scoring candidates I had the pleasure to speak with, and I hope it helps you get the score you want for the exam. I created the GAMSAT Study Guide because it’s the book I wish I had when I took the test. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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