GAMSAT Section 1 tips From experienced GAMSAT tutors

gamsat section 1 tips

During the creation of the GAMSAT Virtual Tutor we spoke with a lot of GAMSAT tutors to get some additional GAMSAT section 1 tips. We asked them to recommend 1 tip every student should adopt during prep for a 70+ score.

In this article we will share the most common GAMSAT section 1 tips shared by experienced tutors to help with your preparation. We have narrowed down 8 of the most practical tips, they are as follows:

Tip #1. Expose yourself to different texts or materials i.e. articles, journals, opinion articles, poems. After reading an article try to summarise it in your own words, refer back to sentences or pieces of text to justify your interpretation.

Tip #2. Focus on accuracy i.e getting questions right, before working on timing. Don’t put too much on your plate, it is common for students to work on both at the same time at the beginning of prep. Stay tunnel focused on improving  accuracy at the beginning. Once you have the ‘accuracy’ strategies set then work on speed. 

Tip #3. When attempting GAMSAT section 1 questions try to always reflect on the things that made you pick your answer, then compare that to explanation whether it is right or wrong. This is a reflective-based learning approach that will help you spot shortcomings in answering specific question-types. You will find that your weaknesses will tend to follow a general pattern (Check out our list of the best GAMSAT preparation materials recommended by past candidates).

Tip #4. Section 1 tends to have a lot of text so having a comprehension tactic beforehand is key. Try different methods, see if you have more consistent success from skimming questions first or taking more time to read passages carefully before looking at the questions. Neither is wrong just see what works best for you.

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Tip #5. Practice as many questions as possible. Familiarise yourself with the question styles and tricks examiners use in section 1. By being aware of this you are less likely to fall for them on test day. 

Tip #6.  You’ll come across a lot of advice to read widely, but it can be a waste of time if not done properly. Reading columnist or editorials provide good material. However, read them and ask yourself what points are being made by the author? What examples are they using to back up their argument? What is their tone? discuss with other  people and compare interpretations.

Tip #7. Work on improving reading speed  – learn some helpful strategies to reduce ‘subvocalisation’, i.e saying words in your head or out-loud while reading, it’s one of the main reasons why people read slowly and have trouble improving comprehension. Look on Google for helpful techniques to improve (eg pointer method, track-and-pacer method, etc).

Tip #8. Work on your ability to interpret data. Familiarise yourself with data interpretation problems. Work your way up from tables to scatter plots. Seek problems that present data in unfamiliar ways. Eventually skip tabular problems (once  you get the  hang of it) and do more unconventional data interpretation problems. 

For more GAMSAT preparation tips check out the rest of the blog. Furthermore, take preparation to the next level with one of our premium GAMSAT resources >> Visit Store.

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