Free GAMSAT Section 1 Resources

gamsat section 1 resources

This is a guest post from Alex Ash aka the GAMSAT coach, a successful medical student, that offers coaching services to prepare for the exam.

The majority of the GAMSAT section 1 resources below are freely available from other sites. To the best of my ability I’ve provided links to the parent websites so you can see what products and services they have to offer. I don’t work for, or receive any commissions from the companies listed. Enjoy.

1. Read Theory (training)

Read Theory is and online reading comprehension program that gets harder as you improve. You have to sign up and conduct an assessment to see which level you are at.

2. Fraser’s Section 1 question log (question log)

This question log should be used in conjunction with every practice paper that you complete. To use it you require basic Excel skills but it allows to you easily see what types of Section I questions you are getting wrong and therefore be able to strategically target your study.

Here at the MEDIC BLOG, we have created an advanced GAMSAT worksheet that you can use to log questions answered incorrectly for each section. Great for spotting patterns and trends during practice. It also includes a study schedule and  study journal

3. Vocabulary training (GAMSAT list) (

This site allows you to practice your vocabulary in a fun, gamified way. The list linked is a GAMSAT specific list made my Lizzie (thanks Lizzie) but you can also make you own list whilst you tackle difficult texts and find words that you don’t know/understand. It’s great for those that don’t have an English lit background or don’t spend their weekends attending Shakespearian plays.  

4. Poem Tips and Tricks (poetry tips)

This little gem introduces you to the technical terms that relate to poetry and that are likely to come up in Section I. Understanding these terms and the questions that are likely to be asked really helps focusing in on what a question is asking or at least culling some of the possible MCQ answers.

5. Critical Reading Guide (The guide)

Being able to critically read the passages presented in Section I is imperative to gaining hight scores. You don’t want to just passively read whats in front of you, check over the questions then re-read to find the answers. Critically reading the passage the first time around will generally give you all the information you need to answer the MCQ.

6. Reading comprehension lessons (videos) (GMATprepnow)

Though not specifically designed for GAMSAT these videos will introduce you to the type of reading comprehension that will be required for Section I.

7. Cartoon Generator (cartoons) (TheNewYorker)

A good little random cartoon generator by the New Yorker that you can use to practice interpreting cartoons. As a bonus not all the cartoons have a difficult underlying meaning and will just give you a good laugh.

Visit the GAMSAT coach for a free 15 min consultation for the exam ! For more GAMSAT tips check out the rest of the blog. Also, visit our GAMSAT store for free and premium resources to prepare for the exam.

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