1000+ Free GAMSAT Questions (2020 updated)

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Sorry for the clickbait LOL! The truth of the matter is, there is NO such thing as Free GAMSAT questions that are to the same standard as what you will find in the real test! So why bother?

You can scour the internet as much as you like but you’ll eventually realise that they are no such thing as good quality GAMSAT questions that are free.

Best to come to this realisation now rather than months into your GAMSAT preparation.

We spent hours reviewing websites that offer free GAMSAT questions to prepare for section 1 and 3, though they can be helpful for conceptual understanding, they are not to the same standard. 

So what now?

The best place to start is with the official ACER GAMSAT booklets, which are not free. Use them to identify gaps in knowledge and skills. Use results to create an attack plan for test day. For more on this check out the GAMSAT study plan used by many of the top scoring candidates we had the pleasure to interview.

Once you have identified weak areas, use high quality resources to help improve skills and knowledge. You can find a list of the GAMSAT preparation materials I used here.

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Search for Free Resources not Questions

It is important to note that there is a lot of free resources available that can be used to improve your GAMSAT reasoning so do not get caught up in getting the same resources that I used (Find them here). Far more important than that is how to use them effectively. You find more advice on how to prepare for each section by clicking on one of the links below:

  • Section 1: This section tests a candidates ability to understand and analyse written and graphically presented material. Find out more on how to prepare for GAMSAT Section 1.

  • Section 2: This section tests a candidates ability to form opinions and judgements in a concise written form. Find out more on how to prepare for GAMSAT section 2.

  • Section 3: This section tests a candidate’s reasoning and understanding of key scientific concepts. Find out more on how to prepare for GAMSAT section 3.

For more GAMSAT preparation tips check out the rest of the blog. Furthermore, take preparation to the next level with one of our premium GAMSAT resources >> Visit Store.

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