How to use a GAMSAT Question Log Spreadsheet

In this article we explore the benefits of a GAMSAT question log and how to use it to effectively prepare for the exam.

GAMSAT question logs are hugely underrated when preparing for the exam. They can be an absolute asset if used properly. A question log is basically an excel spreadsheet that lets you track your GAMSAT study. This ensures you adopt a reflective and evidence approach to preparing for the exam, proven to be significantly more effective in improving ones’ performance in the test.

Benefits of a GAMSAT Question Log

How many of these situations sound familiar to you?…

  • Practising loads of GAMSAT questions and not seeing any improvement.
  • Forgetting tips or techniques you learned at the initial stages of revision.
  • Poor organisation and consolidation of materials used to prepare for the GAMSAT.

These are some of the most common issues students face when preparing for the GAMSAT! If you find yourself in this position then chances are you are not being as self-critical as possible. That’s where a GAMSAT question log could be beneficial, you can track your GAMSAT practice where you record questions you answer incorrectly (or correctly) and tag additional information to help reduce your error rate in the exam. By doing this you not only  identify your weakest/strongest areas in the exam, you analyse patterns and draw out the underlying issues hindering your performance. Thus, allowing you to assess your performance effectively, you can challenge your assumptions, ask new questions, make sense of results and process what you’ve learned into deeper memory.

How to use a GAMSAT Question Log

There isn’t one universal approach to using a GAMSAT question log. It really depends on your preferred learning method and goals during GAMSAT study. To help explain, we have broken down study goals into 4 key stages, they are as follows:

1. Identifying natural capabilities

This is where you aim to identify which types of questions are your strongest and most difficult. It also involves recognising the default strategies and tactics you employ when attempting these questions. It is good to identify this early as possible to help dictate how you prepare for the GAMSAT.

Using a GAMSAT question log: Record every GAMSAT question you attempt during the practice and tag them as either answered ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Also include information on your reasoning (i.e why you selected your answer) and include a brief summary of the evidence for the correct solution.

Tip: We recommend at the beginning of your GAMSAT preparation to record at least the first 100 GAMSAT questions attempted for both section I and III to help identify where you natural capabilities lie. Analyse patterns in the questions that you get right and wrong. Use data to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Identifying underlying weaknesses

This is where you aim to recognise any shortcomings in skill or approach that results to answering a specific type of question incorrectly. It involves deep-diving into the questions you answered wrong and making sense of the result and approach adopted.

Using a GAMSAT question log: Record ONLY questions that you answer wrong, include information on your reasoning and include a summary of the evidence that supports the right answer.

Tip:  We recommend doing this stage after you have identified where your natural capabilities lie. When analysing questions answered incorrectly try finding particular skews and biases in your reasoning. Also challenge your approach, check out our article on how to assess your process, the article focuses on section 1 but can be applied any to question-type (Read)

3. Improving Accuracy / Reducing Error Rate

This is where you aim to improve your accuracy in answering a specific type of question. Once you have identified the underlying issue resulting to incorrect responses, and have done the necessary steps to combat this. Do more practice and record performance.

Using a GAMSAT question log: Adopt ONLY one tip (tactic, technique or strategy) at a time and test it as you attempt questions. Record results and tag  questions as either answered ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, include information on your reasoning and tactic (i.e why you selected your answer and the technique(s) used) and include a brief summary of the evidence for the correct solution.

Tip: Remember that no tip or tactic works 100% of the time. The key thing is that it improves your accuracy no matter how significant. We recommend analysing performance with what we call the ‘Pareto law lens’, that is trying to spot the 20% of tactics that resulted to 80% of the desired outcome. In other words, which 2 out of 10 resulted to the most improvement?

4. Improving performance under exam conditions

This is where you mimic testing conditions and analyse performance. It involves setting practice tests and aiming to complete under timed conditions.

Using a GAMSAT question log: Record ONLY incorrect responses under exam conditions, include brief information on your reasoning and strategy. Also include a summary of the evidence that supports the correct answer.

Tip: For whatever reason you may want to to record some questions that you answered correctly under timed conditions.  That is fine! just make sure to tag them appropriately.

Recommended GAMSAT Question Log (Free)

You can create your own GAMSAT question log or download one from one of the prep companies. A popular choice is from Fraser GAMSAT, they provide a simple template that is free and available to download for each section (visit site).

fraser gamsat question log

How we built our GAMSAT Worksheet (Premium)

We created an advanced GAMSAT question log that includes many built-in formulas and features that have been tried-and-tested by hundreds to candidates to date. medic blog gamsat question logthe medic blog question log 2

Key Features of GAMSAT Worksheet:

  • Study Planner – plan study and review time spent on each section
  • Study Journal – make study notes  for each sections as you go
  • Section 1 Question Log
  • Section 2 Question Log (New)
  • Section 3 Question Log
  • Practice test Log
  • Graphs, charts and Trackers

Hope you found that helpful! Download your GAMSAT Worksheet today. Also check out the rest of the blog for more GAMSAT tips and our store for free and premium resources to prepare for the exam. Best of luck ?

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