Is this the Best GAMSAT Prep Material?

We get a lot of emails from students asking us to recommend  the best GAMSAT prep material for the exam, but the truth of the matter is that you have to pick what’s right for you.

The key thing we hope you take from this article is that there is not such thing as an optimal resource, in other words no GAMSAT prep material is perfect, mainly due to the fact that the GAMSAT requires varying degree of understanding and skill. Secondly, the exam board doesn’t provide any specifics on what you need to prepare for the exam.

If you have been looking into GAMSAT preparation materials you most likely might have come across students recommending the Des O’ Neill GAMSAT materials. It’s arguably the most recommended resource to prepare for the exam.

DesONeill GAMSAT cover

The Des O’ Neil GAMSAT questions were very similar to the format, difficulty and complexity of the questions in the actual exam but unfortunately the company has ceased creating GAMSAT materials, as a result there are no longer being updated and are getting more and more out of phase with the current state of the test.

What made the Des O’ Neil GAMSAT prep materials stand out was that their questions focused on testing ones’ ability to use their reasoning skills to determine the answer rather than solely recall information. 

Nonetheless, they are still worth while if you can get your hands on them for free, but we do not recommend paying for them. 


  • Des O’ Neil questions test ability to use reasoning skills.
  • Prep books cover a good spectrum of skills and concepts.


  • The prep books are ok in terms of depth of topic. Other materials are needed to supplement study.
  • Practice questions are becoming more and more out of phase with current exam (some of Des’s material comes from the era when calculators were permitted).

Alternatives to the Des O’ Neil GAMSAT Prep Material

The GAMSAT is a reasoning test not a knowledge-based test, which means that the key to preparing for the exam is using resources that stimulate your understanding and application of a concept. We find that the best GAMSAT prep material is subjective. In the sense that, it comes down to your preferred method of learning. For example, you may be someone that learns better by watching videos, then maybe resources like Khan Academy or Prof Dave explains might be better than textbooks to prepare for the exam.  For GAMSAT practice questions, it’s key to AVOID resources that solely test ones’ ability to recall information. 

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For more GAMSAT prep advice, check out our GAMSAT blog.

Key things to Remember

Regardless of what resources you decide  to prepare for the GAMSAT. There are some key tips we recommend you adopt during preparation to ensure you are making the most of them:

  • Engage in active learning. You only learn to the extent that you engage with the material. For example, attempt problem-based questions after every lesson. If you are using a video resources like Khan Academy, try solving worked through problems before the instructor does, then work through their solution in comparison to your own and identify differences in approach and thought process.
  • Use multiple sources to prepare for the test. There will be exceptions, but in general, you need to use multiple resources on the same topic in order to understand it fully. This is not because individual resources are not comprehensive enough. It’s because the type of understanding required for the GAMSAT cannot come from a single perspective. You need to view the same topic from multiple angles and perspectives, in order to develop a truly ‘three dimensional’ understanding. We recommend an initial video (or lecture, introductory resource), a well written textbook, and some sort of advanced textbook or online resource.

Hope you found that helpful! For a step-by-step preparation guide take the GAMSAT challenge includes over a hundred exam tips and strategies to prepare for the exam. Also check out the rest of the blog for more GAMSAT tips and our store for free and premium resources to prepare for the exam. Best of luck 🙂

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