Best Resources for GAMSAT Practice Questions

gamsat practice questions

We spoke to past GAMSAT candidates to get their thoughts on the best resources for GAMSAT practice questions, here were the most common recommendations.

We should start by saying that no resource is perfect. We spoke with over 115 past candidates and the following resources were the most recommended for GAMSAT practice questions. 

There were many resources recommended but to help make a decision on what to include in this list we shortlisted the resources that were recommended over 20 times.  That’s right! The following resources have been used by at least 20% of the students we spoke to, hope they help:

1. ACER Booklets

gamsat practice test 3 cover

These are official GAMSAT practice questions provided by ACER, they are designed to give you an idea as to what to expect in each section and help with monitoring improvements over time as you practice with them. There are 5 publications in total and they can be purchased in PDF format from the ACER website.

As part of the 30-day GAMSAT challenge, you are encouraged to use them at the beginning of preparation to help identify strengths and weaknesses, and practice under time constraints and monitor improvements over time. Based on performance, students can use results to construct a detailed GAMSAT study plan and effective GAMSAT game plan for test day.

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2. Des O’Neill GAMSAT Questions

DesONeill GAMSAT cover

The Des O’Neill GAMSAT questions were arguably one of the most representative for GAMSAT practice questions. They used to be very similar to the format, difficulty and complexity of the questions you can expect in the exam. Unfortunately, the company has stopped making gamsat resources, as a result, it’s no longer being updated and has been getting more and more out of phase with the current state of the GAMSAT. They are still worth while if you can get your hands on them, but we do not recommend paying for them.


3. AceGamsat GAMSAT Study Books

acegamsat gamsat practice test

The AceGAMSAT GAMSAT study course is another recommendation from past candidates. The company provides an all-in-one option to prepare for the exam. The company also provides individual questions for each section, so might be worth looking into for additional practice on weaker areas.

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4. Gold Standard GAMSAT Full-Length Mock Questions

GoldStandard GAMSAT practice book

The Gold Standard  full length mock book was recommended by many students that took the GAMSAT last year, the paperback contains  5 GAMSAT practice papers and comes with 5 more different online mock tests. It includes a PIN to provide one-year online access to answers and worked solutions for all 10 exams.

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Hope you found that helpful! Take the 30-day GAMSAT Challenge to help kick start your GAMSAT preparation, used by hundreds of candidates to date with 100% positive feedback.

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