GAMSAT March Sitting: Everything You Need to Know in 1 minute

gamsat march sitting

The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is administered twice a year in March and September. This article is a quick summary of everything you need to know about the GAMSAT march sitting.

  • Date: The GAMSAT March Sitting is normally held mid-late March of each year.
  • Registration:  Registration for The GAMSAT MArch exam is from November the previous year.
  • Fee: The fee to sit the exam is $490 (including GST) in Australia, €325 in Ireland or £255 in the UK.
  • Additional Material: The registration fee includes a copy of the official online Practice Questions e-book provided by ACER.
  • Registration Deadline: Registration for March sitting closes early February.
  • Structure of the GAMSAT: The GAMSAT is made up of three sections. Section I – Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences , Section II – Written Communication , Section III – Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences. Find out more about the GAMSAT test.
  • How Long Is the GAMSAT: The GAMSAT test day is 5.5 hours long, Section I – 100 mins, Section II – 60 mins, Section III – 170 mins.  You get a long break after Section II.
  • Which Universities use the GAMSAT: You can find a full list of GAMSAT universities.
  • How To Prepare: The official online e-book is where you should start, there are other recommended resources, check out the best GAMSAT preparation materials to prepare for the exam.

Hope you found the information on the GAMSAT March sitting helpful. For more information on the March sitting check out the ACER website. For help with preparing for the exam take the 30-day GAMSAT challenge.

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