10 Great Alternatives to GAMSAT Khan Academy

Michael O. Carter, THE MEDIC BLOG

The following are alternatives for the GAMSAT Khan Academy resource that have been recommended by students that took the exam, we encourage you to check them out during preparation for the GAMSAT.

Khan academy is a great resource to prepare for the GAMSAT. However, we recommend also using multiple sources to learn concepts inorder to develop a well rounded understanding.

1. BBC Bitesize

The BBC Bitesize is a great tool to to help with revision and learning for all the sciences. Find free videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is a really good introductory resources for non-science students looking to build their foundation in the sciences.

Visit BBC Bitesize Biology

Visit BBC Bitesize Chemistry

Visit BBC Bitesize Physics

2. Physics Classroom

This resources includes a set of instructional pages written in an easy-to-understand language and complemented by interactive graphics. An ideal tool to help supplement understanding in core concepts in physics

Visit the Physics Classroom

3. HyperPhysics

This resources is like the ‘wikipedia’ for physics, it is a broad-ranging interactive physics exploration environment which is written in HTML with Javascript calculation routines. A. great tool if you are looking to consolidate understanding for topics that are difficult.

Visit Hyperphysics

4. Prof Dave Explains

Arguably one of the best YouTube resources for self-education in existence. Prof Dave covers core principles in a lot of subjects, including General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and Biology. His videos have just enough detail for high school and undergraduate students, but are visually engaging and general enough for the common viewer that just wants to learn a few things.

Prof Dave General Chemistry tutorials

Prof Dave Organice Chemistry tutorials

Prof Dave Biology tutorials

Prof Dave Physics tutorials

5. Lectures by Walter Lewin

This YouTube channel contains lectures by Walter Lewin in the fall of 1999, spring of 2002 and fall of 2004. He covers mechanics, electricity, magnetism, vibrations, waves and other core concepts in physics. A great channel for section 3 preparation.

Visit lectures by Walter Lewin

6. Tyler Dewitt

The Tyler Dewitt YouTube channel covers introductory topics in chemistry, using lots of examples, analogies and practice problems. The main topics covered in there library are: Significant Figures, Scientific Notation, Density, Stoichiometry, Nuclear Chemistry, VSEPR Theory, Atomic Structure, Covalent and Ionic Bonding, Thermochemistry, and Gases.

Visit Tyler Dewitt

7. Leah4Sci

A great YouTube channel that covers complex organic chemistry concepts and mechanisms made easy through simple tutorials, step by step mechanisms, and detailed explanations every step of the way.

Visit Leah4Sci

8. Master Organic Chem

The Master Organic Chemistry YouTube channel is a useful resource for learning core organic chemistry concepts for section 3.

Visit Master Organic Chem

9. Speed Pharmacology

Another YouTube channel with short, simple, and entertaining pharmacology videos to help supplement biology knowledge.

Visit Speed Pharmacology

10. Armando Hasudungan

Another helpful YouTube with various subjects from the basics of human anatomy and physiology to the more complex biochemistry and immunology. It is definitely a good resource for improving understanding in Biology.

Visit Armando Hasudungan

Hope you found the list of GAMSAT Khan Academy alternatives helpful! For more GAMSAT tips check out the rest of the blog. Also, visit our GAMSAT store for free and premium resources to prepare for the exam.

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