Read this before booking a GAMSAT course!

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Investing in a GAMSAT course is not cheap. With  a lot of mixed reviews online on the usefulness of these programs we have provided a quick guide on how to pick the right one.

If you are looking to book a GAMSAT course then you have come to the right place. They can be an asset when preparing for the exam. The key thing we want you to recognise is that no GAMSAT course is good enough that is has helped every single student that as enrolled on them and no course is so bad that it has failed every student who has used it. That being said, the key to increase your chances of success is by finding a recommended course that ideally suits your style of studying.

The following are KEY factors to consider when picking a GAMSAT course:

1. Recommendations/Third Party reviews/Testimonials

Start by getting a recommendation from past candidates or friends that have taken the GAMSAT course you are considering. If you do not know anyone, ask on Facebook groups and forums but be ware of spammers who may try to give a false review to persuade you to buy their course. Put zero faith in the reviews on the courses website or anyone who is affiliated with the course (i.e gets paid per referral), only trust the words of people you know personally when it comes to recommendations.

2. Course Structure and format

The structure of the course is important, understand the areas being covered and how much time is being spent on each section. Wil there be a live mock? Or series of practice tests sprinkled throughout the day? Is the course interactive or not? You want to get a good grasp of the course structure and decide which is best for you based on your method of learning. For example, Gold Standard holds free monthly webinars, so attending those sessions would give you a feel of their teaching method before deciding if their GAMSAT Courses London is a good fit for you.

3. Ongoing support / Additional Resources

There is a growing number of courses offering ongoing support afterwards, where you can reach out to tutors at any time via email if you have any questions or need specific help on a problem.  Some courses even offer access to additional resources that include thousands of practice questions and online lectures. Stay on the lookout for these additional features.

4. Weigh the Financial Risk

There is always the risk that you may spend thousands and not benefit anything. We recommend never spending more than you are willing to lose. Every GAMSAT course requires payment upfront so try to avoid paying for more than you can afford.

At the end of the day, you can’t predict how good a certain course is going to be for you. However, by considering the above factors increases the likelihood of picking the right course for you.

Hope you found that helpful! For a step-by-step preparation guide take the GAMSAT challenge includes over a hundred exam tips and strategies to prepare for the exam. Also check out the rest of the blog for more GAMSAT tips and our store for free and premium resources to prepare for the exam. Best of luck ?

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