Avoid These Common Mistakes When Using Medify

common using medify

The Medify UCAT Course is used by 1-in-3 candidates to prepare for the exam, in this article I share common mistakes to avoid when using the online course during preparation.

There is no doubt that the Medify UCAT online course is a good resource, thousands of past candidates recommend using it to prepare for the exam. I bought it myself and wrote a review. If you would like more advice check out the blog for how to get the most out of the Medify UCAT course and my step-by-step guide on using the course. In this article I share some of the most common mistakes to avoid when preparing for the UKCAT with Medify.

Mistake #1 – Not Attempting the Official Questions

The official practice questions and tests are the most reliable way to identify weak areas, before using the Medify UCAT course first use the official resources to identify your weak areas and have a list of areas you want to work on, this may include topics, question-types or specific skills. Once you have identified these areas use the Medify course to improve and practice more questions. Medify provides helpful tutorials and performance feedback to assess progress over time.

Whilst it is important to practice ALL sections of the UCAT, make sure to allocate an appropriate amount of time to improving on weak areas

Mistake #2 – Not Attempting a Mock Regularly

The most effective way to evaluate your progress is by regularly attempting a mock under exam conditions, the Medify course provides 7 full-mocks, that is 14 hours of uninterrupted practice time that I highly recommend you include into your preparation plan. Depending on how many days till your exam I recommend doing a mock about every 5-7 days. Medify provides a breakdown of your performance to review and includes a score distribution report to see how your mock results compares to other medify students.

Depending on how many days till your exam I recommend doing a mock every 5-7 days.

Mistake #3 – Not balancing timed and untimed practice

It is important to practice question under both timed and untimed conditions, the idea is that during untimed practice you want to mainly focus on your error rate, i.e a measure of your accuracy in answering questions correctly. Whilst during timed practice you want to mainly focus on timing. By balancing the two types of preparation you can work on developing techniques for each subtest .  

During untimed practice focus mostly on accuracy and during timed practice  mostly on timing

Mistake #4 – Attempting questions with no Strategy

Another mistake to avoid is just practising questions after questions with no strategy. Practising questions only increases your familiarity with the exam. You need to also identify which elements or skills you struggle with and work on improving it. For instance, If you find the verbal section difficult this might be due to a number of things, you might have poor comprehension skills or poor critical thinking skills, perhaps you are a slow reader? Use Medify to identify which elements you struggle with in each section.

Mistake #5 – Not Developing an Attack Plan for test day

Your game plan is a list of techniques and strategies you intend to use on test day based on trial and error with the Medify UKCAT course. It should outline the techniques you intend to adopt based on what works in improving your error rate during trial and error.

Mistake #6 – Not supplementing with other resources

Other resources like practice books, YouTube videos etc are a great for supplementing the Medify course. Use them to learn tips, techniques and gain more familiarity with the exam. There are so many helpful resources that can help with building skills that can be applied to the exam.

Mistake #7 – Feeding into your ego

A lot of candidates fall into the trap of practising what they enjoy and are good at, whilst neglecting the areas they find more challenging!. Rather than make this mistake, use the results from the official UKCAT questions to identify weak areas. Take a note of them and make them priority when practising questions and using Medify

Keep these in mind and start practising with the Medify UKCAT UK/UCAT ANZ course. For a step-by-step UCAT preparation guide get the UKCAT Study Guide includes hundreds of exam tips, strategies and techniques, used by over 8,000 candidates to date.