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How to prepare for GAMSAT Section 1

The GAMSAT Section 1 is the ‘Reasoning in Humanities & Social Sciences’ section,  it consists of 75 multiple choice questions  based on vignettes drawn from a variety of materials.  GAMSAT section 1 tests a candidates ability to understand and analyse written and graphically presented material. We reached out to top scoring candidates that performed well in the exam to get their advice on preparing for the section, these are 10 of the most common strategies: 1. Start with ACER Questions These are official GAMSAT practice questions provided by ACER, they are designed to give you an idea as to what to expect in each section. Use them to learn the question-types [Read More]

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Not Seeing any improvement in GAMSAT Section 1 practice? Try This!

It is a common problem for students to notice  no improvement in GAMSAT section 1 practice. In this article we share a helpful preparation strategy to help identify the problem. It is a very common issue during GAMSAT section 1 practice to attempt loads of questions without much in-depth assessment of their process. However,  the key to improving is by going into as much detail as you can about each answer option and reflecting on your train of thought; you can find underlying causes and recognise patterns in performance. This isn’t easy to say the least, and its best done supervised with an experienced tutor or diverse study group of more than [Read More]

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GAMSAT Section 1 tips From experienced GAMSAT tutors

During the creation of the GAMSAT Virtual Tutor we spoke with a lot of GAMSAT tutors to get some additional GAMSAT section 1 tips. We asked them to recommend 1 tip every student should adopt during prep for a 70+ score. In this article we will share the most common GAMSAT section 1 tips shared by experienced tutors to help with your preparation. We have narrowed down 8 of the most practical tips, they are as follows: Tip #1. Expose yourself to different texts or materials i.e. articles, journals, opinion articles, poems. After reading an article try to summarise it in your own words, refer back to sentences or pieces of text to [Read More]

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Free GAMSAT Section 1 Resources

This is a guest post from Alex Ash aka the GAMSAT coach, a successful medical student, that offers coaching services to prepare for the exam. The majority of the GAMSAT section 1 resources below are freely available from other sites. To the best of my ability I’ve provided links to the parent websites so you can see what products and services they have to offer. I don’t work for, or receive any commissions from the companies listed. Enjoy. 1. Read Theory (training) Read Theory is and online reading comprehension program that gets harder as you improve. You have to sign up and conduct an assessment to see which level you [Read More]