8 Top tips to Score Higher in the UCAT

I’m Adi from UniAdmissions. We help hundreds of students with their medical school applications each year and have several books on both the UCAT and BMAT. You can check out our bestselling Ultimate UCAT Collection here. From our years of experience with the UCAT, we’ve put together 8 important tips to follow to ensure you score higher on the UCAT.: Disclaimer: Previously known as the UKCAT, the exam is now called the UCAT. Thankfully the tests are completely identical, so almost everything you read online regarding the UKCAT can be applied to the UCAT.  1. Pick your date carefully  Unlike the BMAT, the UCAT can be taken from the 1st [Read More]


A Step-by-Step Walk-through a Decision Making Puzzle

This is a UCAT guide from UniAdmissions, they provide courses to prepare for the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) and provide support for entrance into competitive courses like Medicine and Dentistry. Logical puzzles are one type of question that you can come across in the Decision Making subtest (for other Decision Making question-types read more). These types of questions require you to make an inference based on the available information to get to an answer.  It will usually be presented with a general statement, than more specific statements. Both should be combined to make a conclusion and find the answer. The question we will look at is an interesting one. Step 1 As [Read More]