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Review – Most Recommended GAMSAT Quote Generator

We have reviewed and used every GAMSAT quote generator recommended to us by our readers. In this article we shortlist the most popular ones to help with preparation for section 2. A GAMSAT quote generator is great tool to practice essays and improve your ability at analysing quotes for different themes. In this article we share the most popular GAMSAT quote generators and how to use them. These quote generators are pretty much the same but have slightly differing functionality. Have a go at each and see which one works best for you #1. Fraser GAMSAT ( 8 out of 10) The Fraser GAMSAT quote generator was the most recommended, [Read More]

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Proven Strategies to Improve Your GAMSAT Essay Plan

The goal in section 2 is to present a logical, reasoned response to a specific question. An effective structure helps your idea unfold clearly to the reader. You want your response to be focussed and progressive, rather than all over the place. Ideas don’t make much sense if they aren’t arranged in some way. Something has to come first, something has to go last, and several things usually end up in the middle, one after another, in a logical sequence. Developing a GAMSAT essay plan will help determine that sequence, think of a piece as being divided into parts, one for each group of ideas the writer is working with. [Read More]


Multiplication table (UCAT Study Guide)

If you’ve already picked my book, thank you! If you stumbled upon this page without getting the book first, the multiplication table below is for those of you who need to shake the cobweb loose before diving into some of the mental math tricks taught in the guide.