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Free GAMSAT Section 1 Resources

This is a guest post from Alex Ash aka the GAMSAT coach, a successful medical student, that offers coaching services to prepare for the exam. The majority of the GAMSAT section 1 resources below are freely available from other sites. To the best of my ability I’ve provided links to the parent websites so you can see what products and services they have to offer. I don’t work for, or receive any commissions from the companies listed. Enjoy. 1. Read Theory (training) Read Theory is and online reading comprehension program that gets harder as you improve. You have to sign up and conduct an assessment to see which level you [Read More]

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How much time should I study for the GAMSAT?

The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is the admission test required by some graduate medical school programmes. In this article we will look at how much time you need to study for the GAMSAT.  How much time should you study for the GAMSAT? The short answer…it depends. In a survey answered by over 100 high scoring candidates the average time spent studying for the GAMSAT was 6-8 hours per week over 3 – 6 months. Students with no science knowledge background spent 5 – 6 months. The most accurate way to accurately gauge how long you will need is by first spending your initial study time attempting official practice questions with no or little preparation. [Read More]

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GAMSAT Section 3 Syllabus: Most Commonly tested topics

Not sure where to begin with GAMSAT section 3 revision? Here are a list of the most commonly tested topics in recent exams. According to the official booklet…” the level of knowledge required for the GAMSAT section 3 corresponds to the first year of university studies in biology and chemistry, and A-level/ Leaving Certificate/Year 12 in physics”. Unfortunately, that’s all the information we are given! There is no official GAMSAT section 3 syllabus or knowledge guide. But not to worry, we ‘kinda’ got you covered 🙂 We spoke with a few candidates that took the exam recently (Sept 2017, March 2018 and Sept 2018) to create the list below based [Read More]

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GAMSAT Exam: What to Expect & Question-Types

In this article we will explore the GAMSAT exam in more detail, and look at what to expect in each section. GAMSAT Section I This section is referred to as the Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences section and it tests candidates interpretation and understanding of ideas in social and cultural contexts. The examiners can use different kinds of text as a stimuli, including passages of personal, imaginative, expository and argumentative writing. What to Expect: Questions in this section are in multiple choice format with four answer options, with a majority of the questions in the form of written passages, you can expect some questions in visual or tubular form [Read More]

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Best Resources for GAMSAT Practice Questions

We spoke to past GAMSAT candidates to get their thoughts on the best resources for GAMSAT practice questions, here were the most common recommendations. We should start by saying that no resource is perfect. We spoke with over 115 past candidates and the following resources were the most recommended for GAMSAT practice questions.  There were many resources recommended but to help make a decision on what to include in this list we shortlisted the resources that were recommended over 20 times.  That’s right! The following resources have been used by at least 20% of the students we spoke to, hope they help: 1. ACER Booklets These are official GAMSAT practice [Read More]

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Great GAMSAT Books to build Background Knowledge for Section 2

The list of books below were recommended by past candidates that took the exam to help broaden one’s knowledge in philosophy, morality, religion, social justice, economics and politics, among other prominent topics. Yes, there is a wealth of relevant information readily available on the internet. But for those her prefer paper-based literature, the following are a handful of GAMSAT books that are must-reads for the exam: We do not recommend buying every single one, just pick the most suitable for your GAMSAT revision: Philosophy #1. The Reason of things – A.C Grayling This book consists of a collection of Grayling’s regular ‘Last Word’ columns in the Guardian. This time topics include [Read More]

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Ultimate GAMSAT Essay topics List

Not sure where to begin in building your ‘knowledge bank’ for section 2? Here are some key GAMSAT essay topics to get you started: We created this GAMSAT essay topics list to help with building your knowledge for the GAMSAT writing task. There are a number of benefits in doing this, they are as follows: Allows you give better and more specific examples in essays Have better openers and closers Allows you write a more interesting and engaging essay So, how do you build on knowledge in such a short time? We recommend a combination of watching YouTube videos, podcasts and anything you can get your hands on that doesn’t feel [Read More]

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Use this technique to evaluate performance in GAMSAT practice papers

Attempting practice questions is a vital component of GAMSAT practice, we recommend attempting GAMSAT practice papers at almost every stage of the preparation for the exam. GAMSAT practice papers are particularly useful in evaluating progress and identifying strengths and weaknesses in the exam, if assessed properly. I recommend adopting  the SWOT framework when reviewing performance. I recommend completing a diagnostic test at initial stages of preparation to determine the best course of action to take. You need to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) as soon as possible. SWOT analysis is a framework for identifying and analysing the internal and external factors that can  have an impact on [Read More]

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Two proven strategies to spot Weak Areas during GAMSAT practice

As part of the 30-day GAMSAT Challenge candidates are required to be critical when reviewing their GAMSAT practice tests results. In this article we will look at some of the proven strategies to help spot weak areas during GAMSAT practice. I believe one of the main reasons a lot of candidates do not see any improvement during GAMSAT practice is due to  not being critical enough. In this article I will share 2 proven strategies to help you successfully spot weak areas during GAMSAT practice: Strategy # 1 – Practice test Strategy This is where you do a series of diagnostic tests to identify weak areas and skills within a specific section. These diagnostic [Read More]

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Try these strategies during GAMSAT essay practice!

It may come to a surprise to some that there is no magic formula when it comes to GAMSAT essay practice. The official GAMSAT guide gives very broad guidelines about how essays are marked, but one thing we can deduce is that good quality writing is key, regardless of the writing approach.  When it comes to structure, the writing style used to present ideas isn’t important as long as it is in a logical and easy-to-follow way. We recommend during practice to switch things up and try different things to help mould your writing style. The following three strategies were recommended by top scoring candidates that took the GAMSAT in [Read More]