A Step-by-Step Walk-through a Decision Making Puzzle

This is a UCAT guide from UniAdmissions, they provide courses to prepare for the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) and provide support for entrance into competitive courses like Medicine and Dentistry. Logical puzzles are one type of question that you can come across in the Decision Making subtest (for other Decision Making question-types read more). These types of questions require you to make an inference based on the available information to get to an answer.  It will usually be presented with a general statement, than more specific statements. Both should be combined to make a conclusion and find the answer. The question we will look at is an interesting one. Step 1 As [Read More]

BMAT Guides

Is the Medify BMAT course worth it? (2020 updated)

We were granted access to the Medify BMAT course, and in this article, I’ll be deep-diving into it to give detailed insight into its key features, usability, pros and cons. Who are Medify? For those that do not know Medify is an online medical school admissions company that provides arguably the best UCAT course on the market (read our review). Their online BMAT course is no exception; it is an excellent self-study option as it teaches BMAT content and provides over a thousand practice questions (see full features). Key features of the Medify BMAT course The Medify BMAT course has four key features that make it an excellent resource to [Read More]

Guide to gaining medicine work experience
Application Guide

Guide to gaining Medicine Work Experience (During the Pandemic)

We will share advice on how to gain medicine work experience (during the pandemic). The information in this guide can be applied to gaining experience in dentistry and other healthcare courses. Medical work experience is vital for anyone applying to medicine. It doesn’t just show that you are committed but helps you to decide if a medical career is right for you. Gaining medical work experience is the best way to see what a career in medicine is really like. This guide provides a way on how you can gain work experience.   What is Medicine work experience? Medicine work experience is any activity or experience that helps you to prepare [Read More]